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Training Services

Erada is a direct Training Vendor to SAP. Our employees have conducted training at SAP Training Centers and Customer locations. We have delivered training at several SAP customer locations including Intel, Mass Mutual, AutoDesk, Capital Group, Applied Materials, to name a few. Our employees are visiting instructors at several training locations including San Francisco, Dallas, Newtown Square, etc. Please write to us at to learn more about our Training Services. Following are our training services:

SAP BW Training

Our hands-on experience with SAP BW helps us in proving practical knowledge to the attendees. We conduct training in virtually all BW topics including Data Modeling, Extraction, Performance Tuning, Advanced Reporting & Data Mining. We also provide user-training customized for the clients. Please click here to learn more about our BW Training Services.

SAP BPC Training

SAP BPC is a tool that is not well understood by the users. BPC was created as a "user configured" & "user administered" tool, where the typical business user tends to be non-technical. We provide BPC training to both business users and configuration team in understanding BPC at a deeper level. Please click here to learn more about our BPC Training Services.

SAP BW Accelerator Training

Proper training is needed to implement BW Accelerator in such a way that the TCO is minimized. We provide detailed BWA Training to achieeve this goal. Our experience in implementing BWA has enabled us in creating this course where a customer does not have to learn lessons the hard way. Please click here to learn more about our BWA Training Services.

SAP ABAP Training

ABAP has been the de facto language for SAP. Proper training in ABAP helps in completing projects on-time and with good performance. Please click here to learn more about our ABAP Training Services.