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Turnkey Services

Erada provides turnkey solutions to implement our products. Please write to us at to learn more about out Turnkey Services. Our turnkey solutions include following:

SAP R/3, ECC performance tuning

Performance tuning SAP systems is an involved task and requires planning & intense hands-on optimization activity. As a part of this service, custom ABAP programs will be tuned using Rapid Optimizer. Rapid Index and Rapid Buffer will be leveraged to improve the overall system performance and landscape tuning.

SAP BW performance tuning

As a part of this offering, SmartCube will be deployed to improve BW reporting performance and load tuning. Rapid Optimizer & Rapid Index will be used to tune the ABAP code involved in the ETL process.

SAP custom ABAP performance tuning

According to a survey conducted by SAP, 80% of performance issues are caused by custom ABAP code. This finding is in tune with an independent research conducted by Gartner Group. In this offering, Rapid Optimizer and Rapid Index will be leveraged to improve the performance of selected custom ABAP programs.

SAP overall system tuning with optimized indexes

Rapid Index is a powerful tool and helps in improving the overall performance of an SAP R/3 or ECC system. Using this tool, less useful indexes will be eliminated to improve OLTP activities. Also, most optimal indexes will be identified to tune most number of custom ABAP programs with fewest indexes with least side effects.

SAP overall system tuning with optimized buffer configurations

SAP deploys a 3-tier architecture, where certain tables are buffered on the Application layer for performance reasons. Often, these buffer configurations go out of sync because of changes in usage patterns and data growths. In this offering, Rapid Buffer will be deployed to tune buffer configurations.

BW Accelerator sizing, planning & optimization

BW Accelerator is an expensive commodity. Under-sizing BWA involves in expensive resizing exercises, while over-sizing wastes money & resources. In this offering, BIA Workbench will be deployed for sizing BWA to minimize overall TCO. Also, patent pending optimization algorithm in BIA Workbench helps in timesharing the expensive blades to give the most reporting out of fewest blades. SmartCube will be deployed in reducing InfoCube's footprint on BWA. SmartCube will also enable migrating ODS & InfoSet reports onto BW Accelerator.

BW production query cleanup

Often, BW production systems will be cluttered with unnecessary Queries. They generally include wrong queries, one time queries, duplicate queries and test queries etc. Smart QCopy will be deployed in cleaning up the production system by taking a backup of these queries into a non-production environment with a different naming standard, so that those queries can be deleted from production.