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BIA Workbench

One stop tool to administer BW Accelerator & to reduce TCO.

BW Accelerator is an expensive commodity. BWA Workbench minimizes TCO by optimizing blade utilization. Under-sizing BWA results in costly resizing tasks, while over-sizing wastes resources. Right sizing minimizes overall cost. BWA Workbench provides sizing capabilities that are not available in conventional methods. Maintenance costs are drastically reduced by automating data reconciliation and rollup monitoring tasks.


  • Reduce TCO of BW Accelerator
  • Rapidly prepare BW system for BWA deployment
  • Reduce BWA maintenance costs
  • Deliver more out of the same BWA
  • Enable faster BWA deployment
  • Ensure data consistency between BW & BWA


  • Size BWA system accurately
  • Forecast blade size requirements
  • Simulate blade consumption
  • Optimize blade usage with our patented algorithm
  • Reconcile data between BW & BWA
  • Monitor rollup of cubes onto BWA