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My BI Repository

BW documentation tool with cataloging & categorization functionalities.

Studies show that proper documentation of BW objects help later phases of BW implementation & minimizes budget overruns. My BI Repository is a customer facing documentation tool with cataloging and categorization capabilities. Unlimited context-based drill thru reports can be generated on any type of BW objects, so that questions like "Which cubes are not physically partitioned?", "Which queries are not cached?", "Is there any mandatory range variable on 0CALDAY?" can be answered accurately & efficiently.


  • Minimize maintenance & upgrade costs
  • Reduce support costs with self-help documentation
  • Eliminate redundant objects
  • Increase user adoption
  • Increase customer satisfaction


  • 70+ canned reports on all types of BW objects
  • Report on BW objects with complete technical info
  • Document BW objects for tech & business users
  • Find objects with Google like search
  • Categorize objects by custom categories