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RapidPro - Rapid Optimizer

Automate ABAP Optimization

80% of performance issues are caused by custom ABAP. - SAP
Custom ABAP is very often at the heart of a difficult SAP performance problem. - Gartner (research paper TU-10-8204)

An inefficient ABAP program not only runs longer, but also consumes more system resources, causing problems to other programs. Other resource-hog programs may themselves have acceptable run times & remain unnoticed as a potential candidate for tuning. What is needed is not just a way to improve one program, but mass improve several custom programs. Rapid Optimizer does exactly the same.

"The two programs that were optimized showed a 46% and a 40% improvement in run times. This program improvement has been realized without altering any performance parameters like buffer settings or creating additional indexes etc." - Kubota Engines, IL, USA



  • Improve ABAP performance cost-effectively
  • Reduce resource consumption by programs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Minimize investment on hardware upgrades
  • Improve user productivity
  • Reduce Support Tickets


  • Tune custom ABAP with the click of a button
  • Generate a detailed change log
  • Mass improve ABAP programs
  • Find tuning potential in a list of programs
  • Seamless integration with any SAP system
  • In depth ABAP knowledge is not required