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Rapid Upgrade

Automate ABAP Upgrade

SAP 4.X to ECC is a major upgrade that requires changes to ABAP in several areas. Making code Unicode compliant is a part of this. Rapid Upgrade automates ABAP changes for ECC upgrade & Unicode compliance. In addition, Rapid Upgrade automates several other tasks including mass Syntax Check, Semantic Check, identifying trivial programs, redundant & near similar programs, code snapshot backup, snapshot comparison, etc.

Reduce ABAP upgrade cost by 50%.


  • Reduce upgrade cost drastically
  • Minimize risk of upgrade schedule overrun
  • Automate several ABAP relevant upgrade tasks
  • Find optimal upgrade test plan


  • Automatically upgrade ABAP for ECC & Unicode
  • Check semantic integrity of custom ABAP code
  • Find trivial & redundant ABAP programs
  • Find & compare near-similar ABAP programs