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Architect, Analyze and Document end-to-end IT infrastructure

A typical organization contains hundreds of IT systems - an ERP system from a major vendor, some additional ERP systems from other vendors that may have come from mergers, some specialized systems to handle specific business processes, some home-grown systems, some Excel applications, and many more.  Different pieces of data move between these systems at different frequencies. Business logic is applied on this data at several stages. None of these systems are adequately documented. Most of the tribal knowledge about these systems is lost over time.  For the few processes that are documented, different formats are used. All this documentation is not located in a single place to conduct any analysis like "Find all processes related to Inventory Management that depend on Vendor Master", or "Find all processes that read from the main ERP system and feed into the external portal", or, "Find all processes related to Revenue Recognition".  A careful analysis of these processes reveals a huge amount of duplication of data & business logic. To conduct complete impact analysis for a process, several lines of code should be studied, several emails should be exchanged, several teams should work together, several meetings should be conducted, and this whole exercise will turn into a multi-week assignment. Zoomit helps in eliminating all these inefficiencies !

Please click the link below to see a voice narrated demo of Zoomit.

Please click the link below to see a voice narrated demo of SAP Accelerator for Zoomit

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  • Capture end-to-end IT architecture in a central database
  • Draw IT architecture diagrams on the fly
  • Analyze IT systems by any criteria you want
  • Display architecture diagrams & documentation to any level of detail
  • Capture the design automatically for most systems
  • Reduce TCO of overall IT
  • Make accurate & up-to-date documentation available to everyone
  • Increase success rate of IT projects
  • Easily modernize old IT systems
  • Accurately estimate the LOE for IT initiatives